Where do you go to sit and reflect?

For me, this is typically a coffee shop.  But coffee shops have a special place in my heart, not only because of my caffeine addiction, or because they provide a place to sit and ponder, but coffee shops are a place where authentic conversations take place.  Sitting on a couch in a coffee shop, I have celebrated with friends, mourned with friends, heard and been heard, known and been known, prayed and been prayed for. I have shared life, both on the mountain tops and in the trenches.

My prayer is that this site can be a little piece of my coffee shop experience.  Sometimes I’ll sit and ponder and share my musings, where ever the wind and an extra shot of espresso take me.  But sometimes, I want to move away from the table, take out my headphones, and go sit on the couch with you- whoever you are.  I want to hear how your heart is and I want to be able to speak to where you’re at.  And when I don’t have the words, I want those around us to pipe in with wisdom I’ve never thought of before.

Join me?

You’ll find what I’m learning from God, what I’m learning as I disciple, some reviews of books and other resources, and a few guest posts! The best way to keep track is to enter your e-mail and click that scary FOLLOW button so you’ll get an e-mail each time a new blog is posted.  I promise it’s the only time I’ll e-mail you.

2 thoughts on “what

  1. Emily Katherine, I’ve been a total creep and read so many of your blogs recently ….they are wonderful! You are such an inspiration and your heart for ministry is genuine and rare. I see that through your words that I’ve read and in your life! I am so excited that next year you will have coffee and sit with God’s word in the same place that I do right now!


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