I lost my love for reading somewhere between high school summer reading lists and the endless ones in college, but of all  the leadership lessons drilled into my head, one that has stuck the most is this- “Leaders are readers.”  And it is all too true.  I’m no book hipster. In fact, I’m on the back end of book trends.

The picture above is my actual bookshelf that my dad built that lives in my room.  My prayer is that this shelf can be open and available for all of us.  That you and I would both give and take.  What resources are helping you?


The Study Bible for Women
So this is currently the Bible that I am reading through. I love the way it highlights female characters and I love the commentary on the sides.

Journaling Bible
The Journaling Bible is such a cool concept to have room to doodle, color, make notes, etc. but is actually still currently on my wish list 😉 – I have heard great things from friends though.

New Inductive Study Bible (ESV)
Kay Arthur is a fireball. I got to meet her a few years ago and it was hilarious.  She created this Bible that teaches you how to study scripture.  It doesn’t necessarily give you the buried treasure, instead it tells you how to use a map and hands you a shovel.

Bible Studies

Jesus, The One and Only (Beth Moore)
I love Beth Moore, so take note that I am all too biased. Anyways, I did this study my sophomore year in college.  This was the first study I did via eBook and I loved it.  I love the way Beth paints such beautiful pictures of the stories of scripture.  I walked away with not only a deeper understanding of Jesus’ life, but a deeper love of learning about it.

James: Faith Under Pressure (Pam Gibbs)
I would love to hand this book to every teenage girl.
I attended a conference Pam Gibbs led in Nashville, TN two years in a row. She is such a joy and this book has so much wisdom about the day to day difficulties of teenage girlhood, but more importantly, how the book of James and scripture in general speak to them.

Who I am in Christ (Neil Anderson)
I went through this study by Freshman year of college and that Christmas bought a copy for every member of my family. Anderson really deepened my thought life surrounding Identity and connected it to Scripture in a really brief format that was daily insightful.

A Year With God: Living Out the Spiritual Disciplines (Richard Foster)
I was not really exposed to Spiritual Disciplines until college, but learning about them has brought so much more depth to my walk with the Lord. This daily study briefly challenges you to try something new to incorporate a spiritual discipline into your daily life, while also connecting our journey to those in Scripture.  My copy is underlined all over.


Goodness, where in the world do I begin?

Let’s All Be Brave (Annie F. Downs)
So I kind of had a girl crush on Annie when I listened to a sermon by her on singleness and found her at a conference in Nashville, TN. We talked about nail polish and she was super cool so I bought her book.  I am not the type to read a book all the way through in anything shorter than a couple years (if I ever finish), but I read this one in a month.  I felt like I was sitting and having coffee with Annie throughout every chapter.  It’s great. Read it.

So Long Insecurity (Beth Moore)
This book floated around my college dorm more than any others. It was given to me and I loaned it to like 12 people.  I actually currently can’t find my copy that has lost it’s book jacket.  Beth is so practical and so funny.  I love how this text talks about some hard truths and deep wounds but ties everything back to our Redeemer.

Redeeming Love (Francine Rivers)
Again, I have a hard time finishing books. I read this in high school and my dad came into the living room worried about me because it was 3am and I was weeping loudly as I read this book.  It’s beautiful.

Generation iY (Tim Elmore)
Tim Elmore is an insightful leader who shapes leaders. What interests me the most, beyond his incredible art he draws so quickly while speaking, is his research regarding my generation.  This book is so beneficial for anyone working with Generation Y.

Bad Girls of the Bible (Liz Curtis Higgs)
Now here’s another one where I’m biased, because I found one of my best friends and mentors doing this study in high school and it was the first Bible Study I ever taught, but it is SO GOOD. The author modernizes accounts of ladies in the Bible that make them so so real and then reels you back in to the Truth the Lord has for us in their stories.  Also, those girls are so sassy and stubborn and they just get me.


“Imprinted walks with the body of Christ to seek authentic growth and freedom by  imparting transformational Truth regarding Identity in Christ.” I have had the privilege of being a part of this body of believers who journey together about what we’re struggling with regarding identity.  We launched the blog August 2014 and the fruit has been incredible.

The Perch Blog
The Perch blog is a resource to mentor those who mentor, especially within the context of Girls Ministry. Amy Pierson and Becca Benson started this blog in May 2015 to pour into those who are pouring into the lives of girls.  I accidentally had breakfast with Amy in a Holiday Inn then got to hear her teach and so loved her heart.  This site is a great resources for the ins and outs of ministry and for girls!

Find my most recent reads by clicking on the year: 2015, 2016.

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