About my book.

The phrase “my book” still feels incredibly strange to say or even type. To be honest, it has never truly felt like mine. I love what one of my favorite authors, Annie F. Downs, says regarding her writing process that she likes to imagine she is simply writing books that are already written on heavenly shelves.

I tend to describe myself as an open book, yet when it comes to this process, both in the constructing and its publication, I have kept it more under wraps than I was even aware of. I shared with a few select people over the past three years that I was working on something and mentioned to a few that publishing might just be a dream. But I have even been taken aback as people have asked questions that I have kept this process so very under wraps. (I have learned my editor would tell you I love the words so and very.) That literally no one but me has read this book, and after signing my publishing contract, my boyfriend shared he didn’t even know what it was about… (oops).

But it’s here. The book that God wrote on my heart will be in your hands soon and very soon. So let me peak open my book for you and answer a few questions.

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Let’s Be Real: Cultivating Authenticity in a Journey from Loss to Life


I would have always told you I had a strongly formed, unshakable faith. Then I lost my Dad. And it was shaken and formless. I begged God by his side day after day for my dad’s healing and restoration. I claimed Scripture and prayed with countless friends and family members as they so graciously came by. But the day I turned 22, really the second I did, my dad’s body took it’s last breath on this earth. My dad. The strong invincible one who could face anything. The one who stood by my side and made me fearless. Gone.

It was severing and quick and the deepest hurt I have ever felt. And God? Must have forgotten. He must have either not seen the life I had lived trying to please Him or just completely not cared and I had no clue how to accept either.

This grief catapulted me into a form of myself more raw than I could have ever imagined. I stripped away lies about my faith, myself, and my family. I saw God not as I wanted Him to be or even hoped He would be, but for who He was. And I walked away more real and with a more real faith than ever before.


Morgan James Faith Publications, New York


Be on the lookout for some local signings in the Rome, Georgia and Spartanburg, South Carolina areas. (If you or your church would like to host a signing, let’s talk!)

E-book will release November 2019.

Let’s Be Real will be available in all stores February 4, 2020.


The forward to Let’s Be Real is graciously written by my home pastor, Dr. Don Wilton.


What made you keep going once you started writing?

To be honest, many days, despair. A deep deep hurt I couldn’t put words to but fighting like hell to eventually see a glimpse of light in the deepest of darkness. Knowing that maybe just maybe God had a purpose for this book and that maybe just maybe it would meet someone one day in the loneliest season I ever experienced.

Who is it for?

Depends on who you ask. I primarily write to believers or those who have a concept for Jesus and Christianity. I specifically fought for this work to be addressed to both men and women as both face grief and disappointment.