“Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer

“Prayer helps us stay focused on bigger things, on much more eternal things than the petty stuff that threatens to puff itself up beyond actual size and become some huge deal it doesn’t deserve to be.  In prayer we experience the kind of hard-fought peace that unites us into an army of soldiers for Christ.”


The idea of prayer can be overwhelming.  I think any time I’m given a task with very few parameters and simply told to do it constantly, I feel overwhelmed.  Often overwhelmed to the point I don’t know where to start.  And I think prayer finds a lot of us in that same paralyzed position, wondering how we can find the right words to say, order to go in, requests to make, sins to repent of, etc.

Priscilla Shirer shares in the intro to “Fervent” that her hope is this resource is torn apart, taped together, has coffee spilled on it, and tears in the margins and I think that it is made for just that.  In zeroing in on prayer, Priscilla focuses on the many schemes and strategies of the enemy and how we can use prayer as a tool to combat him.

I love that she started each chapter with “If I were your enemy” because I think we all too often complicate his schemes and strategies, when really they are all too simple.  She journeyed through topics as broad as our thought life to our social life to our pasts that keep coming back up, but what I found so incredible is just how simple all of the information seemed to be.  Though I was walking through content on how to literally go to war in the heavenly realms for my purity, my faith, my church, my family, etc. I never once felt inadequate in my knowledge or understanding.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who the enemy is up against, and I’m here to tell you that’s you.  This book is created for women, but I believe men could benefit just as well.  I recommend that you read with a pen in hand, ready to underline lots of good insights and applicable takeaways.

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