A Beautiful Journey// 2014

Today I went on a closet cleansing…

I was blessed with many sweet Christmas gifts and found myself overwhelmed with stuff.  So it was time to purge and I ended up getting rid of a good bit, making room for my new things.  We follow this pattern many times in our lives, regularly unknowingly.  We get rid of the old to make way for the new.  Stores are moving out the Christmas decorations and bringing in the Valentine’s Day goods, babies get too big for their cribs and need a “big girl” or “big boy” bed, we sell the car we have to buy the one we want.  We often follow this pattern, focusing on what’s new.  We emphasize the new stage we’ve reached, goal we’ve achieved, status we’ve earned, and miss treasuring what was.

I set this stage to say I was following the same pattern with the upcoming year.  I was thinking of what I would love to do in 2015, what they year would bring, etc. and not until I saw a sweet friend post her beautiful year in pictures (http://livinwords.wordpress.com/) did I realize I was bringing in the new, without treasuring the present.  The sweet sweet present and preceding year in which the Lord was beautifully writing, as He does, and allowing me to watch His splendor unfold.  He was weaving Himself, His beauty, His extravagance for 365 days and seeing His hand amidst the journey I walked was so beautiful.

So here’s capturing another year of this beautiful journey.

I got to go to Washington D.C. with 30 of my dearest friends on the DreamCasting Trip with the WinShape College Program.  Somehow, we all walked away with a sentence, capturing what we know to be the current purpose God has placed us on this earth to complete.
I was redeemed to nurture, strengthen, and communicate Truth to young women, especially those with untouched wounds, seeing them drawn to the power and relevance of the Living Word, identify and overcome the potency of Satan’s lies, and grow and bear liberating fruit in the Church. 
As I look back, it’s crazy, and of course non-coincidental that the following year included opportunity after opportunity to fulfill that purpose in so many unique ways.
Collide 2014// Pleasant Valley North Baptist Church// Rome, GA
Such a sweet time of both teaching and learning from these girls.  We focused on unity and the power of the unified Church, along with a lot of talking about boys 😉
LifeWay Girls Ministry Conference// Nashville, TN
This trip was such a sweet one for me as I attended the Girls Ministry Conference as a junior in high school with these three (Jillian Dean, Jimmie Davis, Courtney Veasey) as my girls ministry staff and mentors and this year attended it by their side on the leader track. I also got to share this time with my mom, grandmother, and one of my best friends. This conference is so dear to my heart as it was a time that solidified my calling to Girls Ministry.

The Lord was too sweet to allow me to go hang out with the coolest students in Brazil.  We worked together on writing a leadership book appropriate to their tribal culture and it was beautiful.  Also, the girls met together and painted nails and ate chocolate under a cashew tree and it was incredible.  The sweet sweet little one in the first picture, Genesis, captured my heart.  I had prayed for a Spanish speaker, never expecting it to be the sassiest and cutest 6 year old I had ever met, but she was and we were best friends.
Disciple Now: GO// First Presbyterian Church// Rome, GA
This sweet group came together so beautifully, covered in the Lord’s sweet grace.  We literally moved manure and pulled weeds together all day Saturday and they served so well.
Restart Mirror Image Choir Tour// First Baptist Spartanburg// SC, GA, FL
From snorkeling in the Keys to cheering on the Braves, this trip was a blast.  Our students preached the Gospel through song to inmates in juvenile detention centers and had a lot of fun along the way.  Wearing the title “room mom” is still weird to me at a ripe 20 years old, but I loved hanging out with these sweet girls.
I also somehow found myself taking a swing at Children’s Ministry this summer.  While I’m not sure it was exactly my gifting, there were some super sweet moments.  This one in particularly taught me so much.
REVIVE// First Christian Church// Elk City, OK
My friend and mentor, Jillian, invited me to Oklahoma to sing and share at a conference for girls and women.  It was such a sweet time to interact with the women there and to know they are growing under Jillian’s humble and so devoted leadership.
Yes, that’s a very strange word.
In the WinShape College Program we have small groups called capitulum groups and I was privileged to become a leader this year, gifting me with these four beautiful souls who live next door to me.  It has been such a gift to journey with them, training them to teach week by week, and walking through intense accountability together.
7th grade girls small group
My sweet friend, Emily Moore and I get to hang out with these crazy friends every Wednesday and talk about Jesus and it is the sweetest of times.  We mostly laugh a alot, but hearing the truths move from ideas and cool stories to life lessons that apply to their tomorrows is one of the highlights of my week.
IMPRINTED// imprintedblog.com
Also as a part of WinShape, I am in a community impact team called Imprinted.
Imprinted exists to walk with the Body of Christ to implement and celebrate freedom by seeking and imparting transformational truths regarding identity. 
We launched a blog at the beginning of this year and the ministry that has followed has been so cool.  Chains have been broken and meeting each week has been really meaningful and hilarious.
So looking back I am overwhelmed of how God consistently opened doors for the Truths of His Word, opened hearts for the healing touch of His sweetness and freedom, and allowed me to play a part in His working.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” (2 Corinthians 3:17-18 ESV)