This summer I have had the sweet sweet priveledge of serving as an intern for the second year at my home church.

I will tell you that these past few months have been anything but slow.  There have been many late nights and early mornings, amidst slam packed days and copious cups of coffee. Despite the busyness, the Lord used one moment when time needed to stand still to teach me so much.

It was Vacation Bible School week, which mean every single second was scheduled out.  I personally was in charge of making sure everyone rotated on time.  When I picture the week I mostly picture looking at the rotation schedule, my watch, the radio I carried, and the air horn used to signal rotation time.

We were 2 days into the week and starting to get into a rhythm, but that day came with a sweet blessing: the offering was HUGE! and we didn’t have enough people to count it.  So amidst keeping everyone moving I was emptying piggy banks (so sweetly offered) and rolling pennies.

When I arrived at the gym to get my friends in recreation time moving, I noticed one of the leaders missing.  I found him talking to a little guy who didn’t seem to happy.  I watched this high school student hand this child who was a perfect stranger a piece of paper that had his cell phone number on it. “Call me if I can ever do anything for you.” He said. Wow. That hit me deep, that despite my preoccupation with the schedules and flows and processes, I had forgotten the importance of just loving on one who really needs it.

The little boy he was speaking with walked away with his head down.  As I walked with his class he remained at the back of the line.  I asked him if everything was okay and he didn’t really respond.  I asked if he was worried about something and he began to tell me about a situation at home that was troubling him.  So right then, I stopped to pray about this situation with this little boy I had never met before.

A few hours later his classed passed by me when going to another location.  He snuck away from his line to come touch me on the back and wave.  It hit me just how significant it was for my friend, not that the whole day had run on schedule, but that someone had stopped to listen to him, to love him, and to pray for his family.

This summer, someone has continued to bring him to church.  His brother and friend now come too.  No matter where I am or what I’m doing, he comes running to give me a hug.  All because of one moment.  The one moment he needed someone the most.

Yes, it is really easy to be very busy with many good things.  But the best thing is to pause.  To bend down and listen.  To love.. even when you really should be somewhere else.

Thank you Lord that you stoop down and have time for me.
Thank You for your listening ear.
Thank You that we never have to feel rushed or like we are taking from Your time.
Thank You that You are infinite in everything we lack.
I’m sorry for the multitude of times that busyness has been my idol.
Help me to pause, to pray, to love, and to serve.