The Cockroach in the Bath Tub

Now if you’re reading this I’m guessing you were suckered in for one of two reasons: one- you were so grossed out by this title that you HAD to see what this was about or two- you were so grossed out by this title that you HAD to see how crazy I was for writing about it.. So here we go.

This week, I am on the ever so beautiful Hilton Head Island! Go ahead.. Picture the ocean, the sand, the breeze, the seafood… Now let me bring you up to speed on my latest discovery, the bugs!! I came with my friend, Haven’s family and we have a beautiful condo with an awesome bathroom, including a Jacuzzi tub. Pretty nice, huh? Well yesterday, we discovered a nasty cockroach! If you know me, you know I don’t likeANYTHING with more legs than me! Trust me, this cockroach was breaking that rule! Praise Him, the little nasty guy was turned upside down dying upon discovery, so all it took was about 10 hits with my sandal to be at peace again.
Now, it laid there, dead and no longer a problem. None of us could muster the courage to touch its corpse to throw it away, so we waited for my friend’s dad to come back the next day.

I woke up on this beautiful sunny day, praising The Lord for the beauty of His creation.. Only to discover 5 minutes later that a healthy percentage of His insect creation was in my bathtub! Our little nasty friend was squished flat, but enough ants to solve world hunger were climbing through the window and lining up to take a bite of what must have been their Thanksgiving feast. I went in to full on survival mode. I tried drowning them, and those little suckers still stuck around. I tried smashing them, and the nasty things kept coming! Finally, I found the crack under the window that they came from. Bug spray! I thought.. So I ran to find some! But of course all the condo had was dish soap! I looked all around.. Grabbed my nail polish remover, and plugged their little entryway of evil.

Finally I had them all squished and gone. Now it was time to remove the real issue, our dead little problem. I finally mustered the courage, after saying a few prayers, to pick him up with a towel and flush him. (Obviously I felt the need to again flush the toilet about 12 more times). It was a hard morning.

So why am I sharing? As I was a midst my survival mode rage of solving this problem I heard the Lord’s familiar whisper say, what does this represent? So let me share..

I. Sometimes we defeat our problems, but forget the importance of removing them.Anyone who has had sin in their lives knows this to be true. We can overcome and no longer think about our battles with discipline, but until we confess this area of death in our lives, ask The Lord to remove it, and believe in His power to do so, we are still in danger! This, just like this morning, is the hardest part, requiring lots of courage to muster up.. but how incredible it is that our Savior is always ready with open arms. How encouraging that His burden is light.

II. Death follows death. Isn’t this true in our lives? Even though we’re no longer dwelling on our big issue (whether its pride, insecurity, selfishness, lying….) if it is not completely removed by The Lord, smaller issues will keep pouring in, just like the ants coming to snack on the dead bug.

III. Identify the source. Until I found that crack in the wall beneath the window, the ants would have kept piling in. What is Satan’s source of creeping in your life? Most likely it’s in your thoughts. Were you let down or hurt by a parent, teacher, or coach? Did you have a life changing situation that caused you to doubt stability as a child? Did someone speak things over you to make you believe you are not what God’s Word says you are?etc; if you can answer yes, or think of something else listen up:

IV. Don’t be caught without a weapon. I had no raid, vinegar, anything! I had to resort to my acetone-free nail polish remover! God’s Word is our sword, and we need its truth to combat the hole that Satan pours into. Identify the source and find tools to combat him via scripture. Only when we do this, can we plug the entryways of death in our mind.

Now, pray alongside of me that this will be the last lesson The Lord decides to teach me through nasty little bugs!